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About Tenneti Park

Tenneti Park is set about 200 feet above the sea and overlooks the blue expanse of the Bay of Bengal making it look like the ramparts of an ancient fort from the beach. Tenneti Park is a head turner that lures passers-by to spend a few relaxing moments, settling down on the lush meadows and watching the beauty of nature unfold.

The hills that serve as a backdrop to this scene only add to its charm. The lawns are beautiful green and well-kept, with well-kept shrubbery and plants. The lights lends a beautiful touch to the location outside the park, on the promenade, during nightfall when the street lamps light up. The park’s multicoloured hues, the azure blue lake, and the pure skies, as well as the park’s mesmerising plantations, well-kept paths, pebbles, and rock landscaping, create stunning beauty straight out of a picture book.aping make for wonderful scenery, right out of a picture book.

  • Location: Opp. Kailashagiri Hills, Jadugupalem, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
  • Price:  No entry fee
  • Timings: 6AM-9PM

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