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Explore Visakhapatnam Comfortably: Innova Crysta Taxi Services & Rates

 Visakhapatnam, the “Jewel of the East Coast,” is a captivating city beckoning tourists with its scenic beaches, historical sites, and vibrant culture. Whether you’re on a family vacation, a business trip, or an adventure with friends, navigating Visakhapatnam can be much more enjoyable with a reliable and comfortable mode of transportation. Here’s where Innova Crysta taxi services come in!

Book Your Innova Crysta Taxi in Visakhapatnam

The Innova Crysta is a premium MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) renowned for its luxurious interiors, spacious seating, and smooth ride. It’s the perfect choice for:

  • Families and Groups:  With ample seating capacity for 6-7 passengers, the Innova Crysta ensures a comfortable journey for everyone, eliminating the need for multiple cabs.
  • Airport Transfers: Spacious luggage compartments allow for stress-free airport transfers, accommodating all your belongings with ease. [Visakhapatnam Airport Taxi]
  • Outstation Travel: Explore the beauty of Visakhapatnam’s surroundings, from Araku Valley to Lambasingi, in style and comfort with the Innova Crysta. [Araku Valley Tour]
  • Corporate Travel: Make a lasting impression on your clients or colleagues with a professional and comfortable arrival in a sleek Innova Crysta.

Competitive Rates for Your Innova Crysta Taxi in Visakhapatnam

The price for your Innova Crysta taxi service will depend on factors like travel distance, duration, and specific service inclusions

Service TypeDurationKMSFareExtra Time / KM
Business Purpose10 HRS100 KMSRs. 4,500/-Rs. 450 + Rs. 20
Local Sightseeing10 HRS100 KMSRs. 4,500/-Rs. 450 + Rs. 20
Outstations12 HRS300 KMSRs. 6,000/-Rs. 250 + Rs. 20
Araku / Lambasingi12 HRS260 KMSRs. 8,000/-Rs. 250 + Rs. 20

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Is there a cab service in Visakhapatnam?
Taxi services are available in Visakhapatnam to help you explore the historical and popular tourist spots of the city as well as to travel to nearby cities.
In Vizag, how do I call a taxi?
It is easy to hire a taxi in Vizag. VizagTaxiHub is a website that allows you to book cabs online. Taxis are available for outstation trips, airport transfers, and local trips. Make a call to +919966363662 if you are interested in exploring the different tourist spots in Vizag
Where can I book a cab in Vizag?
VizagTaxiHub is the best provider of taxis in Visakhapatnam. With VizagTaxiHub, you can book a cab online and enjoy premium services. The drivers will arrive at the pickup point on time and will call when they are there. VizagTaxiHub drivers are polite and courteous.
Are airport taxis available in Vizag?
It is easy to hail a taxi in Vizag. There are several taxis and cabs in the city, making it well connected. Vizag airport taxis are also available online if you wish to begin your journey from the airport.

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